Hato Gold Primer Water-base

1 US Gallon, 1/4 US Gallon

Technical data sheet

  • Features
  • Surface preparation
  • Coating system
Hato Acrylic Primer for Gold Paint (Water-based) is made of high quality 100% pure acrylic which imparts excellent hiding and adhesion to the substrate such as Concrete Styrofoam Cement Masonry Gypsum Tile and Plaster

  • Made of 100% pure acrylic resin
  • Excellent outdoor durability for a tropical climate
  • Anti-fungus and algae
  • Free from lead and mercury


  • AG-11 White
  • AG-22 Red
  • AG-33 Yellow
New surfaces Surfaces must be dry and free from dirt, grease and other contaminants. Smoothen surface with sandpaper then clean off and dry.
Previously painted surfaces Polish the surface with sandpaper to enhance better adhesion. Chalky or peeling surface must be thoroughly cleaned with water and leave completely dried.
Surfaces Primer (1-2 Coat) Dilution
Concrete Styrofoam
Cement Masonry
Gypsum Tile Plaster
AG-11 (White)
AG-22 (Red)
AG-33 (Yellow)
Diluted with Hato TG-09 or clean water